Launch & Changelog - WordPress Masterclass

To the Pro members of Digiaide, Just announcing here that the course on WordPress Masterclass is now live. It comes a bit late but we are now in the next phase of content production.

It took us 3-4 months after content production to setup the website, the LMS and to move things in the right direction on Digiaide. We are now back in content production phase and you will see regular updates.

Changelog - 07.03.2022

New Content

  1. What is Wordpress
  2. Why Wordpress
  3. Which Wordpress Version to Install
  4. Components of a Website
  5. Installing WordPress locally
  6. How to buy a domain name (Godaddy sample)
  7. How to buy a web host (Cloudways sample)
  8. Setting up DNS
  9. Installing an SSL Certificate
  10. Noindexing your site during design / development phase
  11. Understanding the Wordpress Dashboard
  12. General settings of Wordpress